The industrial structure of mass-production ,consumption and wastes as well as the prevailing life style in the urban cities have caused so much volume of waste disposal of both industry and civilian life , and due to the influence by the harmful chemical substances like dioxide ,environmental hormone etc. arisen from disposal of such wastes, Environmental Pollution such as global warming, forest destruction is now spreading rapidly on a global scale.
We have to say very frankly that the Daiho group also cause unconsciously a burden on the environment in various ways during plastic molding or secondary process.
Our employees including family desire to protect the precious earth and preserve an affluent environment to the next generations. For that purpose, all our colleagues must create the business which will be harmonized with environment , by means of observing a regulation as well as voluntary activities.
Under such recognition, we added the word of [to leave the precious global environment to the next generations] to the fundamental management policies. we will proceed to build up the environmental management system at our major factories, in order for all of us to promote voluntary activities in harmony with environment ,while working for plastic molding and processed business.
So that considerate action toward environment may be penetrated to all our employees, it is necessary for them to love the neighboring environment and to take any actions through their daily lives. That's why we are trying to aquire ISO14001 certificates at all factories of the Daiho group and also start the individual activity to protect environment step by step.。


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