Pulp Injection Molding


About PIM (Pulp Injection Molding)

Pulp injection molding was developed in 1995, aiming at the reduction of environment load. With this new technology, pulp is mixed with starch and water, kneaded to prepare the pulp molding compounds, and injected into a mold using an injection molding machine to produce three-dimensional paper structures.

PIM sample

CD case
  • CD case
  • Product Assembly
  • Plate
  • Insert molding
Paper core cover
  • Paper core cover
  • Multi-rib structure
Cup lid
  • Cup lid
  • Thin-wall molding
Ampule case
  • Ampule case
  • Thin-wall molding
Spoont powdered detergen
  • Spoont powdered detergen
  • Using waste wood
Lap cutter
  • Lap cutter
  • Microshape
Camera Packaging Cases
  • Camera Packaging Cases
  • Hinge geometry
  • Container/planter
  • Multi-rib structure

Outline of PIM process


Technical Books

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