Mold Designing
Mold Designing

Mold Designing and Manufacturing

We provide everything the customer needs, from support in planning, to product designing, making molds and molding plastic, by making effective use of 46 years of mold making experience and knowhow of the entire Daiho Group. This allows us to solve all kinds of problems, and cooperate with the customer in every step of the process of superior product manufacturing.
Products we handle include automobile parts, amusement equipment, AV equipment, light electrical appliances, OA equipment, household appliances, office supplies, medical equipment, musical instruments, miscellaneous goods, among other things.The two branch offices we have in Japan are our Kanto and Kansai branch offices. We have many satisfied customers overseas whom we deal with through partner manufacturers in South Korea and China.

Mold Manufacturing Process

List of Production Equipment

Main Equipment
1 Machining center
2 milling machine
3 Wire-cutting EDM machine
4 EDM machine
5 CAD Equipment (NX7.5, Think Design, CADRA)
6 CAD Equipment (NX7.5, CAM-TOOL, C3, Diepro, Magnolia)
7 Analysis Software (NX I-DEAS, MOLDFLOW)
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